Community Campaign

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/templatefiles/umc_video.aspx?id=2147548944Mannings for Health $100 campaign for Children’s of Mississippi growth starts with $10 million gift from Sandersons
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I get a message that the page has expired when I try to
    donate. What gives?

    If you're on the UMMC network (i.e. you're at work), donate via
    this link. If you're outside the UMMC network (i.e. you're at
    home), donate via this link. You got the error message because you
    were outside the network and clicked on an internal link.

    When does the payroll deduction take

    The first paycheck in January 2016.

    How can employees who do not have access to a computer
    donate online?

    Employees can ask their supervisor to help them gain access to a
    computer. They can also go to the computer lab in the Rowland
    Medical Library.

    Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, donations are tax-deductible within the limits set by the
    Internal Revenue Service.

    Where does my donation go?

    The money raised goes directly to the beneficiary of your choice in
    the Jackson metro area. 

    The community campaign seems scaled back this year.  Why?

    Although we want to preserve our employees' ability to donate directly to community charities through the convenience of payroll deduction, we are no longer able to devote large amounts of staff time to a full-fledged campaign as we have in recent years. These charities, and many others not included in this group of 14, are as worthy and deserving of your support as ever.

    What happened to the prizes?

    Securing prizes required considerable staff time and the rules governing employees' eligibility for prizes were subject to continual change as well as differing interpretation. It was simpler and safer to eliminate the prizes and place the focus on the spirit of giving to these worthy groups.

    My question isn't answered here.

    Contact Public Affairs at (601) 84-1100.