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    Patients who are able to lose weight with obesity therapy often regain much of the weight by 1 year and return to their pretreatment weight at 5 years. Recent research has begun to uncover the biological factors that cause this weight regain, but additional research is needed to develop effective therapies that help obese patients maintain a healthy weight.

    What you can do

    Although UMMC has made a strong commitment to develop and sustain this research and prevention effort, external funding will be required to fully realize the potential of the Mississippi Center for Obesity Research. To date, more than $2.3 million in private funds have been raised.

    UMMC has committed state-of-the art laboratory space in the newly completed Arthur C. Guyton Research Center. With additional private investment, plus the annual support provided by UMMC and the support our scientists garner from outside funding agencies, the MCOR should be self-sustaining within five years.