• About Us

    The MIND (Memory Impairment and Neurodegenerative Dementia) Center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is one of the nation's leaders in the search to crack the code of Alzheimer's disease. 

    Funded by a $26 million grant from the National Institute of Health, the MIND Center is leading a collaborative study of Alzheimer's risk factors with experts from four major academic medical centers including Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, Wake Forest University and University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

    The MIND Center, with access to over 25 years of groundbreaking research, has a unique opportunity to identify and understand the causes of Alzheimer's, now the nation's sixth leading cause of death.

    Led by Dr. Tom Mosley, a nationally recognized leader in the study of cognitive decline, the MIND Center combines pioneering research, state-of-the-art brain imaging and powerful new genetic technologies to make discoveries about Alzheimer's causes, and potentially change the course of almost 5 million Americans and more than 40 million lives affected by the disease worldwide.

    The MIND Center Clinic was started in 2013 and offers diagnosis and leading-edge outpatient treatment for patients with memory loss and cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Our multidisciplinary clinical team includes geriatricians and neurologists, nurse practitioners and social workers, all of whom are expert in caring for patients and families battling Alzheimer's and dementia.

    In 2014, The MIND Center collaborated with UMMC's Center for Telehealth to launch an Alzheimer's telemedicine program called "TeleMIND" to bring specialized dementia care to patients across Mississippi. This innovative program provides remote medical care, health education and public health services through secure audiovisual technology.

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