• Statewide Educational Activities

    Stroke screenings suggest the lack of public knowledge concerning stroke. Most importantly, figures imply an improvement in stroke knowledge following public awareness and education.

    UMMC has joined with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, IQH-Information Quality Healthcare, Mississippi Department of Health and the Mississippi Hospital Association to form the Mississippi Stroke Education Consortium (MSEC). The organization's mission is "to decrease stroke-related illness and death in Mississippi through education of all of the state's inhabitants regarding stroke - a condition that is quite common in our state and devastating to our people."

    Education opportunities and activities include:

    • Development of ACGME-approved fellowship programs
    • CME training for health care professionals
    • Training for EMS personnel
    • Lay/community educational programs, including stroke screenings and speakers bureau

    For information about continuing education activities at UMMC, call (601) 984-1300. For information about speakers and MSEC activities regarding Speakers' Bureau Activities and other MSEC activities, call the American Heart Association at (601) 321-1200.