• Emergency Stroke Management

    UMMC Comprehensive Stroke Center's emergency stroke team is called the Code Gray team, as its goal is to save the gray matter of the brain. Studies have shown that specialized teams and/or units result in decreased length of stay and improved outcomes.

    The team, aided by a unified pager system, includes members from emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, nursing, laboratory, pharmacy and respiratory therapy. This Code Gray team is experienced in administration of approved stroke treatments as well as clinical trials involving acute stroke therapies. Tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) has been shown to effectively limit the debilitating effects of an ischemic stroke when given within a limited time after onset of stroke symptoms. 

    UMMC stroke team members

    Social worker
    Case manager
    Speech pathologists
    Physical therapists

    Occupational therapists
    Nurse practitioners


    For urgent ED-to-ED patient transfer, contact a UMMC ED attending physician 24 hours/day at 1-888-UMC-2345. AirCare helicopter transport to UMMC, available 24 hours a day, is dispatched as needed by the UMMC ED attending. Emergency referrals are welcome, even if the referring physician is not sure whether the patient meets criteria for thrombolysis.