• Pediatric Cancer Clinical and Translational Research

    Despite considerable advances in childhood cancer research over the last several decades, there remains much to do. The study of genes, gene sequences and their functions – Genomics, has yielded unprecedented insights into the molecular mechanisms underpinning pediatric malignancies. Each new discovery offers vast potential for improving children’s life. However, discovery is just the beginning of the journey.

    Translating genomic discoveries into clinical practice to improve the well-being and livelihood of children is the ultimate destination. Mississippi Children's Cancer Center (CCC) which is strategically located in the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children is the only center in the state providing comprehensive care for children with cancer or blood-related diseases. The CCC’s research goals are:

    • Develop a robust clinical and translational program to support multidisciplinary research in childhood cancer.
    • Develop a competitive translation genomics and bioinformatics program for the discovery of biomarkers and identification of targets for the development of novel therapeutic strategies.
    • Establish an academic home that will be a synergistic cluster of translational researchers and provide an environment for training students and resident fellows in translational research.
    • Enhance the CCC’s reputation on genomic research on childhood cancer. 
    • Research at the CCC is led by investigators who share a common goal to improve children’s health through scientific discoveries and education.