• Collaborations

    Hudson Alpha 

    The Genomic Services Lab offers cutting-edge genetic research tools to both academic and commercial customers. The GSL was established by Shawn Levy, PhD, upon his arrival at Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, a non-profit institute in Huntsville, Ala.

    The GSL offers DNA profiling services through next-generation sequencing and microarray analysis. Next-generation sequencing services include whole genome sequencing, exome and custom capture, RRBS, and profiling of amplicon, ChIP, or 5C/4C/HiC DNA fragments. Microarray services include SNP arrays and methylation analysis. 

    Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research (MCSR) 

    MCSR enables researchers to conduct research on a much higher plane; makes it possible for Mississippi researchers to gain priority on computer time in order to meet grant deadlines; and empowers Mississippi universities to garner research money which funds graduate students and equipment. 

    University of South Africa - Department of Environmental Sciences

    The focus of this research group includes, but is not limited to, quality, risk and impact assessments, monitoring, analyses and management of environmental pollutants in the environment, ecotoxicology, modelling and environmental remediation (bio- and phyto-) studies; optimization and application of analytical chemistry and biotechnological techniques in environmental and industrial research areas.