Biostatistics Services

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  • Biostatistics Services

    We promote the development of long term collaborative relationships between our team members and investigators. Not only does this increase efficiency through familiarity with specialized areas and issues within disciplines, it additionally results in more responsive, comprehensive, and productive service to our collaborators.

    Specific service areas

    The Center of Biostatistics addresses biostatistical issues related to the effective collection and interpretation of health information such as:

    • Study design
    • Grant preparation and contract proposal
      • Formulating testable hypothesis
      • Experimental design
      • Power / Sample size calculation
      • Setting up analysis plan
      • Writing statistical sections
      • Working on revisions for resubmission
    • Protocol development
    • Data monitoring
    • Interim analysis
    • Design and development of case report forms
    • Methods development
    • Data analysis
    • Results interpretation
    • Report / manuscript preparation
    • Describing the statistical methods
    • Summarizing the statistical analysis
    • Reviewing manuscript before submission
    • Addressing questions from the reviewers
    • Lectures, workshops and courses on biostatistical methodology