Do I need to be a Family Nurse Practitioner to apply?

    Yes. A MSN degree is required with national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. The emergency department setting requires the nurse practitioner be able to treat all ages of patients. However, interested Acute Care NP's should contact us about the University of Mississippi Medical Center's Post Master's program for Family NP certification.

    Do I need Nurse Practitioner experience in an emergency department (ED) in order to apply?

    No, however, a preference will be given to those applicants with at least one year of experience in an emergency department. Clinical hours in the Telemergency training program will be adjusted to each individual's needs based on experience as a nurse practitioner, as well as area(s) of national certification.

    Who needs to complete my 3 required references?

    References can be obtained from anyone who has known you for at least one year and is familiar with your clinical abilities, as well as your aptitude to work in the emergency department setting. One reference should be obtained from a physician that has supervised your work as a nurse practitioner.

    Do I have to come to Jackson to attend classes?

    Yes. The lectures are offered in video format, so training time in Jackson is limited to the clinical hours.

    When will the educational program begin?

    Admission deadlines are available on our website.   

      How many clinical hours does the residency require?

      Each nurse practitioner's specific needs will be assessed through a pre-test and assessment of the applicant profile. For the more experienced nurse practitioner who is dually certified as a FNP and ACNP and who has emergency department experience, as few as 135 clinical hours can be done to complete the training program. For the less experienced nurse practitioner, clinical hours will be approximately 200 hours. A post-test and clinical check off will be performed on each nurse practitioner before he/she completes the training program.

      Where can I get my Post Master's certificate as an Acute Care or Family NP, and how soon do I have to obtain this?

      There are several locations that offer a Post Master's program in Acute Care and Family Practice. The University of Mississippi Medical Center, University of South Alabama and University of Tennessee at Memphis are three locations where these programs are offered. Check with those specific schools to obtain application information and deadlines. You will be expected to be certified as a Family NP prior to involvement in the program. Enrollment in an Acute Care NP program is recommended before or during the first year of involvement with the Telemergency program.

      Will I get graduate level nursing credit for this telemergency training program?

      Yes. The initial telemergency training program provides 3 hours graduate level nursing credits. The NP quarterly update series provides CE credits.

      If I am accepted, when will I know?

      Once the online application is received an informational packet and detailed application procedure is mailed to the NP. Upon receipt of all required information, interviews will be scheduled. Applicants who are selected by both UMMC and the remote hospitals will sign a contract with the employing facility.