• About University Center for Telehealth

    In over half of Mississippi counties, patients must drive more than 40 minutes to receive specialty health care. Without access to quality care, our state is falling short on national health standards. The Center for Telehealth at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is working to improve the availability of medical services in our state.

    Using online video technology, UMMC provides remote medical care, health education and public health services through telehealth. The Center for Telehealth offers telemedicine, wellness care, disaster response, workforce development, business development, research and education to people in all parts of our state. Since our program began in 2003, our services have helped more than half a million rural Mississippians in need. Our telehealth services now include over 30 different medical specialties, including adult and pediatric specialties, and extend to more than 100 clinical sites.

    Providing our state with improved emergency medical services and specialty health care through telemedicine technology, UMMC Center for Telehealth is eliminating barriers to quality health care for Mississippians.

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