• Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Pilot Program

    Funding Opportunities


    I. Objectives

    The objective of The Pilot Program is to aid investigators in generating data, with the assistance of Center Research Cores, for the submission of competitive, extramural grant applications linked to the overall theme of psychiatric neuroscience. Funds are available via Pilot Projects or Pilot Vouchers for research into the basic science mechanisms of psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders including disorders of mood, alcohol and substance dependence, neurological disorders, autism, cancer of the CNS and the role of vasculature on CNS function.

    II. Eligibility

    Pilot Project: Full-time faculty members with an appointment at the University of Mississippi Medical Center or a joint UMMC/VA appointment are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to Instructors, Assistant or Associate Professors that have not received an R01 or comparable extramural grant.

    Pilot Voucher: Eligibility for Pilot Vouchers will include full-time UMMC faculty or those with a joint UMMC/VA appointment, as well as full0time faculty members associated with an IDeA-funded institution on the state of Mississippi.  Pilot Vouchers to non-UMMC faculty will not pay consortium overhead costs to other institutions (i.e. funds will be for supplies and services provided by CPN Cores).  

    Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with full-time faculty associated with the COBRE at Ole Miss http://www.olemiss.edu/cobre , and the COBRE at UMMC in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics http://www.umc.edu/physiology/ and the INBRE managed through the University of Southern Mississippi http://msinbre.org

    III. Description of the Funding Mechanisms

    Pilot Projects:  Up to two modules are awarded of $25,000 each for up to two years, pending a favorable progress report. Investigators must use at least one Core from the Center, incorporating Core services into the budget of the application.  Pilot Project funding may not overlap with other funded research projects. 

    Pilot vouchers: Ordinarily, a one-time request for $2,500-$7,500 for up to one year to generate data for a pilot project or an extramural grant application. Investigator must use at least one Core from the Center, incorporating Core services into the budget of the application. Pilot Voucher funding may not overlap with other funded research projects. 

    IV. Submission of Applications

    Applicants for a Pilot Grant must submit the following to  Tasha M. Mosley, COBRE Administrator tmosley2@umc.edu or Dr. Craig Stockmeier at 601-815-5392

       Application Instructions

    • An electronic copy of the proposal (NIH R03 electronic format,  R03 Application submitted to Tasha M. Mosley, not to NIH).
    • A UMMC transmittal form signed by the principal investigator, department chair and/or the appropriate dean from schools other than Medicine
    • An NIH format biosketch and Other Support  from all investigators along with letters of support and biosketches from all consultants. 
    •   Assurances - Protocols related to human investigations, animal use, radioisotopes or biohazards must be  pending (i.e. submitted) at the time of grant submission.       
    • A letter of endorsement from the Director of Mentoring (James Rowlett, Ph.D.; jrowlett@umc.edu), co-signed by a COBRE Core Director, outlining the Core(s) to be used and the names of a basic and a clinical science mentor.
    • A clear statement in the R03 application of how the requested funding is within the strategic goals of the appropriate NIH Institute and will support plans for an extramural grant application.

    Applicants for a Pilot Voucher must submit a two-page proposal. Please refer to   Instruction for Application  to Tasha M. Mosley, COBRE Administrator tmosley2@umc.edu