Cancer Institute

  • Shared Instrumentation Core

    The Shared Instrumentation Core Facility provides Cancer Institute investigators with the best available technology for their molecular biological research.


    • CFX-96 real-time PCR detection system
    • Molecular imager/chemidoc/phosphoimager
    • Synergy 4 hybrid multi-mode microplate reader
    • AKTA FPLC purifier 10
    • Odyssey infrared imager
    • Proscan 2 Ti-U microscope with time-lapse real-time video capacity
    • QiaCube, Qiagility TissueLyser, Rotor-Gene Q
    • My Cycler-PCR varity thermal cycle
    • Speed-Vac
    • Ultracentrifuge
    • High-speed centrifuge
    • Beta-scintillation counter
    • Nike Eclipse 80i fluorescent microscope
    • Bacterial shaking incubators
    • Cryostar NX50

    Contact us

    John R. Ruckdeschel, Cancer Institute director
    (601) 815-6802