Cancer Institute

  • Seongbong Jo

    Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics
    School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi
    Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Program
    PhD., Pharmaceutics, 1998, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
    Postdoc, 1998-2000, Rice University, Houston, TX

    Contact information 
    Faser 107, Department of Pharmaceutics
    University, MS 38677
    Phone: (662) 915-5166


    Research interests

    • Multifunctional polymer nanoparticles for cancer –targeted drug delivery
    • Redox-sensitive polymer-based imaging agent for tumor hypoxia
    • Nucleic acid-based therapeutic delivery

    Research synopsis

    The primary aim of our research is to design and create novel polymeric materials which can selectively responds to the signals stemming from tumor microenvironments such as local pH change, enzyme overexpression or hypoxia. The bioresponsive polymeric materials can provide effective means to deliver small drugs, proteins, siRNA and/or DNA. We are currently working on redox-sensitive polymers that are subject to the bioreduction mediated by oxidoreductases under hypoxic conditions in cancer. Nanoparticles based on the redox-sensitive polymers are sought for cancer-targeted delivery of different drugs.

    Recent accomplishments and honors

    • 2007 - Faculty Research Fellow, University of Mississippi

    Selected publications

    • Garripelli, V.K., Kim, J.K., Son, S., Kim, W.J., Repka, M.A., and Jo, S., Matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive thermogelling polymer for bioresponsive local drug delivery, Acta Biomater., 7, 1984-1992, 2011
    • Kim, J.K., Garripelli, V.K., Jeong, U.-H., Park, J.-S., Repka, M.A., and Jo, S., Novel pH-sensitive polyacetal-based block copolymers for controlled drug delivery, Int. J. Pharm., 401, 79-86, 2010.
    • Garripelli, V.K., Kim, J.K., Namgung, R., Kim, W.J., Repka, M.A., and Jo, S., A novel thermosensitive polymer with pH-dependent degradation for drug delivery. Acta Biomater., 6(2), 477-85, 2010.
    • Namgung, R., Nam, S., Kim, S.K., Son, S., Singha, K., Kwon, J.S., Ahn, Y., Jeong, M.H., Park, I.K., Garripelli, V.K., Jo, S., and Kim, W.J., An acid-labile temperature-responsive sol-gel reversible polymer for enhanced gene delivery to the myocardium and skeletal muscle cells, Biomaterials, 30(28), 5225-33, 2009.
    • Kim, J.-K., Anderson, J., Jun, H.-W., Repka, M.A., and Jo, S., Self-assembling peptide amphiphile-based nanofiber gel for bioresponsive cisplatin delivery, Mol. Pharmaceutics, 6, 978-85, 2009.