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    Much of the recent progress against cancer resulted from breakthroughs in anti-cancer drug design. The modern anti-cancer pharmacopeia contains not only traditional low-molecular-weight cytotoxic drugs, but also contains molecularly-targeted drugs, recombinant proteins, humanized monoclonal antibodies, cancer vaccines, and a myriad collection of drugs used to offset the adverse effects of these powerful drugs and to provide the best supportive care to patients.

    The UMMC School of Pharmacy is Mississippi's only school of pharmacy, and it has been serving the state's pharmacy educational needs since 1908. The School consists of six academic departments (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Administration, and Pharmacy Practice), most of which are housed on the Oxford campus, whereas residency and fellowship training takes place on the Jackson campus.

    Most of the Cancer Institute associate members involved with the Cancer Drug Discovery Core have primary faculty appointments in the UMMC School of Pharmacy. Most of the academic programs offered by the UMMC School of Pharmacy are directly related to the clinical and basic/translational science missions of the UMMC Cancer Institute.

    Pharmacy programs

    The links below will guide you to programs in the School of Pharmacy that are part of our cancer educational efforts.