Cancer Institute

  • School of Health Related Professions

    Complete cancer care depends on more than physicians and nurses. Many other health-care professionals are essential for the complete health-care team, from the cytotechnologists and clinical laboratory technicians who carefully provide the most accurate data to determine whether or not a person has cancer, to the nuclear medicine and radiologic technologists who operate complex imaging systems such as PET/CT scanners, to the occupational therapists and physical therapists who are called upon for post-surgical rehabilitation of cancer patients.

    To meet Mississippi's tremendous demand for a well-trained health care workforce, the UMMC SHRP is partnering with Mississippi's 15 community and junior colleges in an innovative effort known as "2 + U".

    The UMMC School of Health Related Professions offers graduate degrees, including a Master of Health Sciences, as well as a Master of Occupational Therapy and a Doctor of Physical Therapy.