Cancer Institute

  • Jennifer C. Robinson

    Professor, School of Nursing
    Cancer Epidemiology Program
    PhD, Nursing, 2006, University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Health Promotion & Risk Reduction,
    University of Michigan, 2006-08

    Contact information 
    2500 N State St., A206
    Jackson, MS 39216-4505
    Phone: (601) 815-9780


    Research interests

    • Environmental and social determinants of health and health outcomes including cancer
    • Physical activity and the role of insufficient physical activity on the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease
    • Spatial relationships associated with health and health outcomes

    Research synopsis

    Dr. Robinson's program of research is in physical activity and neighborhood context. She has also concentrated on health disparities associated with geographic location and socioeconomic position and uses a social epidemiological approach. Currently, she is involved in the Deep South Network for Cancer Control using a transdisciplinary approach to determine the effects of energy balance through diet and exercise interventions on outcomes associated with cancer incidence and progression. She has expertise in the use of geographic information systems (GIS), multilevel statistical modeling, physical activity, working with minority populations, and experience with a large, prospective epidemiological study that is investigating known and novel causes of cardiovascular disease health disparities. Her dissertation research focused on social and contextual determinants of individual and neighborhoods and their effect on individual physical activity using a socio-ecological theoretical approach. Much of Dr. Robinson's research utilizes a GIS to spatially locate individuals within neighborhoods. She has recently begun to utilize a handheld global positioning system (GPS) to add neighborhood spatial features including built environmental factors.

    Recent accomplishments and honors

    • 2010-2014 Member, American Heart Association Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing Council Prevention Committee.
    • 2007 - Fellow, Physical Activity and Public Health Eight-Day Postgraduate Course on Research Directions and Strategies. Sponsored by the CDC and University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center. Competitive selection.
    • 2007 - Fellow, American Heart Association 10-Day Seminar on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Competitive selection.

    Selected publications

    • Hand, W., Robinson, J. C., & Creel, E. (2012). Ethical Issues Surrounding Weight Bias and Stigma in Healthcare. Online Journal of Health Ethics, 8(2).
    • Sims, M., Diez Roux, A.V., Dudley, A., Gebreab, S., Wyatt, S., Bruce, M. A., James, S. A., Robinson, J. C., Williams, D. R., & Taylor, H. A. (2012). Perceived discrimination and hypertension among African Americans in the Jackson Heart Study. American Journal of Public Health, 102 (S2), S258-S265. DOI 10.2105/AJPH.2011.300523.
    • Dubbert, P. M., Robinson, J. C., Sung, J. H., Ainsworth, B. E., Wyatt, S. B., Carithers, T., Newton Jr., R., Rhudy, J. L., Barbour, K., Sternfeld, B., & Taylor Jr., H. (2010). Physical Activity and Obesity in African Americans: The Jackson Heart Study. Ethnicity & Disease, 20, 383-389.
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