Cancer Institute

  • UMMC Cancer Registry Data

    One of the major functions of the UMMC Cancer Registry is the collection of timely, accurate and clinically significant data. Data are collected by cancer registrars. Cancer registrars are data management experts who receive extensive training in cancer registration procedures, and the collection of cancer diagnosis and treatment information.


    Cancer registrars who meet the eligibility requirements and have obtained appropriate experience may take an examination to become a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR). Persons who pass the examination and become a CTR, demonstrate they have met or exceeded the standard level of experience and technical knowledge required for effective cancer data management.

    Data collected by the UMMC Cancer Registry may be used to evaluate treatment, calculate survival rates, planning services, and identify opportunities for improvement.


    The laws of the State of Mississippi require UMMC cancer registry data to be reported to the Mississippi Cancer Registry. Summaries of data are reported to the American College of Surgeons to meet national accreditation requirements. Data summaries are available to the public through the American Cancer Society's web site.