Cancer Institute

  • Bioinformatics Core Collaborations

    We are currently supporting the following projects through our interdisciplinary and collaborative research program. Some of these projects are listed below,

    Breast cancer biomarker discovery and target validation

    This is a collaborative project whose mission is to enhance understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to development and progression of breast cancer, with the ultimate goal of identifying targets for early therapeutic intervention and drug design. This is in collaboration with Miele lab, Cancer Institute, UMMC Jackson MS.

    Population genomics of cancer health disparities using genotype, genomic and sequence data

    We are using computational approaches to dissect the genetic architecture of breast cancer, and to elucidate the molecular mechanisms contributing to cancer health disparities in different populations. This is done in collaboration with Miele lab and Dr. Tom Mosley (Memory Impairment and Neurodegenerative Dementia Research Center and Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study).

    Neurodegenerative diseases

    Our key focus is identification and functional characterization of genetic markers and epigenetic factors associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and vascular dementia. We use integrative bioinformatics approaches to analyze genomic, epigenomic and imaging data to identify molecular signatures and biological pathways involved in neurodegenerative diseases, and to elucidate the effects of SNPs and CNVs on gene and protein function. This is done in collaboration with Dr. Tom Mosley (MIND Center and ARIC study).