Cancer Institute

  • Cancer Education

    "Fight Cancer With Knowledge" was a rallying cry of the American Society for the Control of Cancer (now known as the American Cancer Society), and those words summarize the mission of Cancer Education at the UMMC Cancer Institute. Education is integral to daily life at an academic comprehensive cancer institute. Research discoveries expand our global knowledge about cancer. Collaborations let us to learn from each other. Classroom, laboratory and clinical training allows faculty to share their expertise. Community outreach teaches us what is most important to our fellow Mississippians who live with cancer.

    The primary goal of Cancer Education at the UMMC Cancer Institute is to support a world-class cancer education program for training health professionals at the UMMC. This carries on a tradition of excellence in medical education dating back to 1955, when the UMMC opened its doors in Jackson. Six schools (Graduate Studies, Health Related Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry) are now affiliated with the UMMC, and each of these schools play important roles in training health professionals to fight cancer with knowledge. The four pillars which will support these schools' efforts are:

    • Robust portfolio of training grants and fellowships;
    • Vibrant series of seminars, journal clubs and workshops;
    • Cancer Biology curriculum consisting of core didactic courses, dialectic activities in emerging topics, outcome-assessed open learning activities tailored to individual interests, and technical skill development;
    • Transdisciplinary research training opportunities for students, fellows and residents to translate today's scientific breakthroughs into tomorrow's best practices.

    The secondary goals of Cancer Education at the UMMC Cancer Institute are to provide educational support for the three major missions of the Institute, which are Clinical Care, Basic/Translational Science, and Cancer Prevention and Control. These activities will range from continuing medical education to keep health care providers informed of the latest medical advances to community education to help Mississippians lead healthy, cancer-free lifestyles.