Cancer Institute

  • Cancer Bioinformatics Core

    The mission of the Cancer Bioinformatics Core is to improve human health and reduce cancer health disparities through excellence in bioinformatics.


    As a major component of UMMC Cancer Institute, the Cancer Bioinformatics Core is an interdisciplinary program formed to advance cancer research. The Bioinformatics Core lab will support cancer biomarker discovery and development of novel therapeutic strategies.

    Focus areas

    The genomics revolution that includes the Human Genome Project, high-throughput genotyping, next generation sequencing; whole-genome gene expression, protein and metabolomic profiling and other biotechnology breakthroughs are having a remarkable impact on biomedical research. As the Human Genome Project continues to decipher the secrets of our genetic makeup, biomedical researchers around the world are gaining insights about the genetic landscape of Cancer and other common human diseases.

    We now face a daunting challenge of translating genomic discoveries into biomedicine. To achieve the promise of a new era in biomedicine and to deliver care that is personalized, predictive, preemptive, and patient-centered, we must capture, analyze and integrate huge amounts of biological and clinical data; and transform it into knowledge.

    The Cancer Bioinformatics (CB) Core Lab of UMMC Cancer Institute is designed to address these challenges. The CB Core lab is located in the Cancer Institute in the Arthur Guyton Research Center. We are tackling these challenges through our Bioinformatics and computational genomics services and research initiatives in the following ways:

    • Conducting collaborative research and providing bioinformatics solutions in cancer

    Cancer Bioinformatics provides environment for conducting collaborative research, tools development, data analysis, database design, support grant applications, administration, training, licensing of specialized software, and help with computing capabilities.

    • Cancer bioinformatics infrastructure development and integration of the cancer institute with CaBIG

    The Cancer Bioinformatics works in close collaboration with the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, the NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers and Community Cancer Centers, NCI designated Knowledge Centers; and with various NIH Institutions and National and International Research Consortiums.