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  • Emergency and Security

    Infection Control

    Remember to wash hands before and after:

    1)  eating

    2)  blowing and wiping the nose

    3)  using the toilet

    4)  combing hair

    5)  touching inanimate surfaces in the patient

         care area

    6)  contact with blood, body fluids, and/or


    HIPAA, Privacy, and Security

    All patient information of a private or sensitive nature is considered confidential.  Confidential information should not be read or discussed unless it pertains to your specific role in caring for the patient.  Discussion of confidential information must take place in private settings away from patients or members of the public.  Do not discuss patient information in hallways, elevators, cafeterias and other public areas.  You must not discuss or reveal confidential information to friends or family members or employees who do not have a legitimate need to know.  The disclosure of a patient's presence in any of the University Hospitals and Clinics' facilities may indicate the nature of the illness and jeopardize confidentiality.

    Emergency Codes

    Please click here to view presentation.

    Code BlueAdult Cardiac Arrest
    Code 13Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
    Code WhitePatient becomes potentially dangerous to self or others
    Code PinkInfant/Child Abduction
    Dr. RedAny type of fire

    Fire Safety

    UMHC uses the RACE acronym in response to fires:

    R = Respond and remove persons in immediate danger.

    A = Alert three ways:  verbally, dial 4-6666, and activate the fire alarm pull stations

    C = Confine the fire by closing ALL doors

    E = Extinguish the fire ONLY if you can do so WITHOUT putting yourself in danger.  If you cannot safely extinguish the fire, leave the area.  Seal off the room with a damp towel or blanket at the door.