Receiving and Distribution

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  • Vendor Authorization for Returned Materials

    For the return of defective, damaged, incorrect, or unwanted items, a Lawson Vendor Return Form is generated.  This return form is used to document all returns made from the University of Mississippi Medical Center regardless of whether or not the item(s) was/were purchased on a UMMC Purchase Order.

    The employee that entered the original order should complete this Lawson Vendor Return Form.  At this point, the return form is presented to the employee's supervisor for approval.  After the supervisor's approval, the form is then sent to the Purchasing Department for finalization.  If a UMMC Purchase Order was issued for the initial purchase, approval by the Purchasing Department is required prior to the return.  The Buyer will contact the vendor for authorization on the return of the item(s) and obtain a "Return of Goods Authorization #" (RGA#).  The Buyer will complete the Lawson Vendor Return Form with all appropriate authorization #'s and any other specific vendor instructions.

    The Lawson Vendor Return Form and the Lawson Authorization Form is returned via e-mail to the ordering department.  At that point, the department will attach the documentation to the item(s) for return, and then take the goods and return paperwork to the Shipping and Receiving area.  From this location, the items are either picked up by the vendor or shipped out with shipping and handling fees charged back to the appropriate departmental charge code. 

    Procedures for Lawson Vendor Material Returns:

    • The requesting department will determine if the Purchase Order should be modified to accept goods or a Lawson Vendor Return Form be completed to return material(s).

    • The requesting department will complete te Lawson Vendor Return Form and then email the form to Frances Morris at
    • Item(s) to be returned are to be delivered to the Receiving Department by the requesting department along with the completed Lawson Vendor Return Form attached to the item(s).
    • Receiving will arrange shipping for the goods to be returned (i.e. UPS, FedEx, or however determined).
    • Receiving will obtain signature from the driver and/or FedEx or UPS Tracking#.
    • Receiving will then attach the completed Lawson Vendor Return Form into Lawson PO31.