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  • Special Purchases - Stand Alone Office Furniture

    UMMC intends to create mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers not only in the Greater Jackson area, but communities statewide.  The Supplier Diversity Program was established to provide fair and equitable growth opportunities to Small-, Minority-, Women- and Veteran-owned businesses.  SMWV businesses are required to be competitive in pricing and not compromise UMMC's goal of acquiring the highest quality supplies, equipment and services in support of patient care, education and research.

    For purchases of stand alone office furniture (not office supplies), please obtain at least two (2) quotes, where one should be from the list of suppliers on the UMMC Small-, Veteran-, Women-or Minority-owned businesses.  By obtaining these quotes, you will be assured of the best price and across-the-board quality of product.

    This up-front information will greatly assist the Purchasing Department in the processing of your order.  It is essential that you work closely with the Purchasing Department during this process as they will assist you to make certain that proper discounts are applied.

    For additional information, please contact Purchasing at (601) 984-1350.