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  • Special Purchases - Fleet Vehicles

    IHL Fleet Policies and Procedures:

    This is the full document concerning Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) Fleet Policies and Procedures.  Within this document, the highlighted areas detail the purchasing process as associated with The University of Mississippi Medical Center.


    • In order to ensure consistency in the reporting process, University fleet inventory data must be reported to the Executive Office monthly in the approved template provided.
    • All vehicles purchased must be approved by the Institution's Executive Officer, our Vice Chancellor.  The form or paperwork is submitted for the Vice Chancellor's prior approval.  This must include written explanation as to need for the vehicle and justification that the vehicle type is in line with the planned specific use.
    • Vehicles are to be purchased via the State Contract.  Exceptions must be reported to and approved by the Vice Chancellor.
    • Each institution must maintain log sheets in the vehicles to record date of travel, employee name/driver, mileage and destination.  Current proof of liability insurance as provided by the insurance carrier or the IHL Office of Insurance and Risk Management should be maintained in each vehicle.
    • Each institution shall have a vehicle acquisition, use and disposal plan in which the institution routinely reviews vehicle inventory for cost-efficiency and safety purposes based on vehicle type, age of vehicle, and number of miles logged.
    • The purchase of fifteen-passenger vans is discouraged.  However, if used, a maximum occupancy shall be no more than ten people (driver and nine passengers) to reduce rollover hazard.  Consult Motor Vehicle and Fleet Management Best Practices Guidelines, Appendix H, for safety concerns and recommendations prior to purchase or use of these vans.
    • Rea Brothers Mid-South Auto Auction is the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration's approved mechanism for selling state-purchased vehicles.  In addition, your institution may conduct its own auction; however, an experienced auctioneer must lead the auction.