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  • Medical Staff Services FAQ

    General information

    • How do I view a practitioner's privileges online?

      On the UMMC intranet site, you may access physician privileges online by going to Healthcare>Provider Privileges and following the directions on the page.

    • What kinds of health care providers must be credentialed through the medical staff office?

      The medical staff bylaws require that physicians, dentists, advanced practice registered nurses (nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and certified registered nurse anesthetists), physician assistants, clinical psychologists, speech/language pathologists and audiologists be credentialed and privileged through the medical staff. Non-employee scrub personnel must follow operating room policy for competency assessment, etc.

    • How do I obtain a provider identification or dictation number?

      Once you have been approved by the board to treat patients within the UMMC hospitals and clinics, an identification number will be issued by the Medical Staff Services office.

    • How do I access the medical staff voting site?

      The voting site can be accessed through the intranet by clicking here.

    Initial appointment

    • How long will it take to process my application?

      Most applications are processed within three months. Certain circumstances may contribute to longer or shorter credentialing times. For example, an application for a physician who has recently completed training and has not been employed at any other facility may only take one or two months to process, while an application for a physician who has had foreign training or has been employed in multiple facilities may take more than three months to process. Click here for an outline of the credentialing process.

    • Why does the credentialing process take so long?

      The bylaws and The Joint Commission require primary source verification of all activities since medical school. For this reason, we must depend on other facilities to answer our queries regarding training, experience, affiliation, and any malpractice information, etc. We must also depend on timely responses from professional references. You are asked for detailed information on the application in regard to dates, addresses and contacts so that we may be sure that there are not delays due to returned mail, incorrect phone numbers, or invalid dates. We cannot accept verification letters that are addressed to another facility or that the applicant has in his own personal files.

    • Why are applications most commonly delayed in processing?

      There are many factors that may contribute to a delay in processing membership and/or privilege applications. These are a few of the most common reasons for delays in processing:

      • Incomplete dates: All time periods since your medical or professional degree must be accounted for. Any time gaps must be explained.
      • Missing signatures/dates: Sign and date everything in the packet. If it does not apply to you, simply write "Not applicable."
      • Missing information: Include all requested information with your packet. For example, copies of continuing medical education and curriculum vitae are required. Including these when your packet is initially returned helps expedite your application. Some information that is requested may not be available when you initially return your packet (i.e., malpractice insurance or licensure has been applied for, but not yet received). Be sure to forward copies of those items to Medical Staff Services as soon as they are received.


    • Why do I have to complete a reappointment packet every two years if my information has not changed?

      Joint Commission standards require that privileges be granted for not more than two years. At the conclusion of the (re)appointment period, privileges must be evaluated along with your clinical performance and competency, licensure, any sanctions and activity within the organization.

    • Why do I have to complete my reappointment packet so far in advance of my reappointment date?

      There are two reappointment cycles per year. The average time for completion of one reappointment cycle is three months, so it is necessary to send the applications out well in advance in order to have them completed, presented to the appropriate committees, and approved by the board at least 30 days prior to the reappointment date.