Internal Audit

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  • Visions and Values


    • Establishing the office as a sought-after resource and indispensable part of the UMMC team;
    • Maintaining a constant vigilance to ensure that all services provided address the priority needs and highest risks of UMMC;
    • Building and maintaining professional and cordial working relationships with the UMMC community; and
    • Serving UMMC with professionalism, unwavering dedication, high energy, and optimism.


    •  Integrity
      The cornerstone of credibility and effectiveness.
    • Fairness
      Our opinions and judgments will not discriminate for any reason.
    • Objectivity
      We maintain a healthy professional skepticism and do not allow personal biases or preconceived ideas to interfere with our judgment.
    • Excellence
      A quality we continually pursue.
    • Respect
      The way we treat others.