Internal Audit

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  • Statement of Objectives

    The Internal Audit department shall provide objective and professional evaluations of the University of Mississippi Medical Center activities to assist administration in determining that university policies and procedures are followed in accordance with stated objectives as well as determining that UMC is in compliance with public laws and regulations. The Internal Audit department will assist administration in improving operating efficiency and strengthening internal controls. The department shall evaluate and appraise the organization's system of internal controls to ensure that all information is properly, promptly and accurately processed and that university assets are properly safeguarded. The scope of activities shall include reviews of accounting, administrative and operational controls. The internal audit activity shall contribute to the institution's governance process by evaluating the processes through which values and goals are established, the accomplishment of goals is monitored, accountability is ensured, and values are preserved.

    The Internal Audit department will perform special studies as requested by administration. The department will supplement the work of the State Department of Audit and other external auditors and coordinate efforts with those groups.

    In carrying out this mission, the Internal Audit department will be given access to all records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of audits. Any instances in which records, personnel, or physical properties relevant to an audit are not made available will be reported to the Vice Chancellor.

    In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the Internal Audit department should be independent; therefore, the department will report to the Vice Chancellor. Because objectivity is essential to the audit function, the Internal Audit department's responsibilities are staff and advisory. The department has no authority or responsibility over the activities they audit; these remain with line management.

    The department will report deficiencies noted during their reviews and follow up with appropriate personnel to ensure that necessary corrective actions are taken. These communications will be to those individuals who can ensure that the results are given due consideration. The Director of Internal Audit will report to the Vice Chancellor any matters of significance that require that level of attention.

    Internal audits will be performed in accordance with University of Mississippi Medical Center policies, the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing as issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors, and sound business practices.