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  • State Health Insurance Enrollment Instructions

    UMMC pays your cost for health insurance if you elect the Base Plan and will pay all but a nominal amount if you elect the Select Plan.  Dependent coverage is also available but paid 100% by the employee.

    In order to enroll in this plan, forms must be completed and the original returned to the Benefits Office within 31 days of employment or eligibility. 

    For more information about the plan, click here, handbook pages 15-21.

    • You must elect coverage for yourself in order to elect coverage for dependents.

    To enroll yourself (and dependents, if applicable), complete the following:

    Section A

    • Verify all information is accurate and complete. If not, fill in missing information and make any changes.

    Section B

    • Check the box for “I apply to add, continue and/or change coverage.”

    Section C

    • Check appropriate box under "Enrollee Type." You are considered a Horizon employee if you have never been a full-time employee of a Mississippi state agency, public school district, community/junior college, public library or university.
    • Check appropriate box under "Coverage Type."
    • Check appropriate box under "Coverage Option." The Select plan deductible is $500. The Base plan deductible is $1,100. Answer the question regarding "Medicare Coverage."
    • If you want health coverage for dependents, list each dependent and complete all information to the right. Social Security numbers and birth date are required for each dependent. If this information is not included, the insurance company will not set up coverage for your dependent(s).

    Section D

    • Answer all questions under "Other Coverage" information.
    • Print, sign and date form.

    To waive

    • Section A
      • Verify all information is accurate and complete. If not, make corrections and fill in missing information.
    • Section B
      • Check the box for “Waiving Coverage."
      • Print, sign and date form.