New Employees

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  • Medical Physical Exam Employee Student Health

    All new employees are required to have a routine, basic physical examination and tuberculosis (TB) test in connection with their employment. If you did not take the exam at the same time of your drug test and fingerprinting, you will have a TB skin test during your first week of employment and schedule a physical. A nurse from Student/Employee Health will collect this form from you on your first day and give you instructions regarding your physical.

    • All questions must be answered. If not applicable, indicate "n/a" in the blank.
    • Verify any personal information included on the top portion of the form and complete any missing information.
    • Briefly summarize your present health status in the box provided.
    • Click the "yes" or "no" box to shade the appropriate answer.
    • Answer "yes" or "no" to each item listed under "Family History." If "yes," indicate relationship to you.
    • Answer "yes" or "no" to each of the conditions/diseases.
    • If female, answer the questions indicated in the right, bottom corner of the form.
    • Check if left- or right-handed in bottom right corner.
    • Continue "yes" or "no" answers at the top of the second page.
    • Every "yes" requires a summary or explanation. Add information in area provided.
    • Print the form and sign. Do not complete the lower portion of the second page which begins with "Physical Examination."