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  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a federally mandated committee composed of scientists, clinicians, non-scientists and non-affiliated community representatives charged with overseeing all research projects involving human volunteers to protect the rights and welfare of the volunteers, certifying that the research is conducted according to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s IRBs fulfill this charge and help to further the university’s research mission by:

    • Reviewing and approving all proposed research involving human volunteers before it is initiated, and monitoring all ongoing research involving human volunteers, while it is being conducted, and after it is complete;
    • Ensuring and promoting the ethical conduct of research;
    • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and UMMC requirements.

    IRB chairmen and vice chairs


       Vice Chair IRB 1 IE  

    Ike Eriator, MD 
    Chairman, IRB 1


     dedelva pierre.jpg

    Pierre de Delva, MD
    Vice Chair, IRB 1
      Mark Weber updated

    Mark Weber, PhD
    Chairman, IRB 2  

     John Spurzem, MD  

    John Spurzem, MD
    Vice Chair, IRB 2


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