Student Financial Aid

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  • Student Loans

    The Office of Student Loans is responsible for the monitoring and disbursing of campus-based federal loan programs, institutional loan programs and scholarships, state grants and scholarships, and service-based scholarships in accordance to all federal regulations, state regulations, and institutional rules.

    The Office of Student Loans also is responsible for all payment and deferment processing once your Institutional loan enters its grace or repayment period.

    The Office of Student Loans does NOT process your Federal Direct Loan. For questions regarding your Federal Direct Loans, please contact The Office of Student Financial Aid. You also may go to NSLDS or My Direct Loan for information regarding your Federal Direct Loans.


    Contact Us

    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    The Office of Student Loans
    2500 North State Street
    Jackson, MS 39216
    You may contact our office by phone at 601. 984.1035 or by email at