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  • Financial Aid Calendar

    Apply for admission for the upcoming academic year. Complete the general scholarship application for automatic consideration of academic and endowed scholarships. You will want to seek additional scholarships from the schools during this time as well.
    DecemberObtain a copy of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will allow you to participate in all federal funding programs for which you are eligible.
    January 1First date to complete the FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA. Do not sign or submit prior to this date. If you complete it on the Web, do not submit a paper application.

    This is also the first date to submit the online state grant application (such as the MTAG/MESG application) with the State of Mississippi.
    January 6     Spring '15 Disbursement:
    Medical, Dental, OT & PT School
    January 19     Spring '15 Disbursement:
    SHRP, Nursing, Graduate School
    February 1Spring '15 Disbursement: IHL STATE FUNDS
    March 1Priority deadline for a completed FAFSA application. This means that the FAFSA was filed and received by The University of Mississippi Medical Center Office of Financial Aid by March 1st, and you have submitted all required verification documentation if necessary.
    March 31

    View "Missing Information" via MYU Web Portal

    Deadline for Exit Counseling for graduating students

    April 15Financial Aid Award Notifications available on MYU Web Portal

    April 15   Scholarship/Grant Application Available on MYU Web Portal
    May 1Deadline for Institutional Loans Exit Counseling--UMMC Student Loans Office
    May 26 Summer Disbursement- 3rd yr Medical Students, 3rd & 4th year Dental Students, PT & OT
    June 1Plus Loan Application Available @
    June 12Summer Disbursement- SHRP, Nursing, Graduate School
    July 1     Summer Disbursement (Campus-based Aid)
    Perkins, Federal Nursing Loan, FSEOG
    July 6     Summer Disbursement - 4th yr Medical Students
    August 5Fall '15 Disbursement: 
    Medical, Dental, OT & PT School
    August 28     Fall '15 Disbursement:
    SHRP, Nursing, Graduate School
    September 1     Fall '15 Disbursement:
    September 15

    Final deadline for MTAG/MESG application with the State of Mississippi. Remember that continuing students must also file a renewal application each year.














































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