Property Control

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  • Surplus Property

    Surplus Property officer's primary sob scope is: 

    • Supervise two property assistants;
    • Oversee the relocation and/or disposal of UMMC surplus equipment through transfers, bid sales, scrap, etc.

    Job scope procedures

    • Work is generated by "Transfers to Surplus" of (Active) Inventoried items in Lawson or submission of the "Non-Inventoried Equipment Disposal Request" form to transfer non-inventoried items for disposition.
    • When an item of equipment has been transferred to surplus it is received, logged into Surplus Property records, the item is retrieved and sorted for recycling or disposal.
    • All items determined to be reusable are stored at various locations, on and off campus. Where possible surplus equipment is redeployed at UMMC, other usable items may be made available to other state agencies. All other items, no longer needed by the Institution but having remaining value are stored for sale by bid.
    • Computers (CPU's) which meet minimum requirements are transferred to DIS for needed upgrading and/or repair and then transferred back to UMMC departments. All other, non-supportable CPU's have their hard drives removed and destroyed and are transported along with un-needed monitors to the State Surplus Warehouse for recycling.