Internal Control

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  • Internal Control Officer

    The Internal Control Officer is responsible for coordinating UMMC's effort of evaluating internal controls through the use of conducting risk assessments and other evaluating processes. Other functions include reviewing audit findings and recommendations of internal controls, supporting University Departments in the improvement of internal control activities and conducting department vulnerability risk assessments.

    Everyone at UMMC has a role in maintaining good internal controls depending on their level of responsibility and nature of involvement. Managers and supervisory personnel have oversight responsibility for internal controls within their department units. They are also responsible for executing control policies, best practices, plans and attitudes at the detail level within their specific unit. The Internal Control Officer is available to offer advice and/or help in establishing the presence of integrity, ethics, competence and a positive control environment.

    The Internal Control Officer is NOT a member of the Internal Audit Department. The Internal Audit Department is responsible for examining the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and make recommendations where control improvements are needed. It is an independent appraisal function established within UMMC.