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    Main shop

    Handles repair of clinical equipment throughout the University of Mississippi Health Care and other outsource areas such as the Medical Mall, Lexington Hospital and other off-campus sites. There is also a satellite shop set up in the Respiratory Therapy Department to care for ventilators.

    The supervisor is David Keeney.

    • Phone: (601) 984-4660 Main Shop
    • Fax: (601) 984-4668

    Bed shop

    Handles repair, maintenance and inventory of beds, stretchers, wheel chairs, televisions, over bed tables and bedside tables.

    • Phone: (601) 815-3341 or (601) 815-3342

    OR shop

    Consists of anesthesia/OR (operating room) biomedical technicians and surgical equipment specialist. The surgical equipment specialist is responsible for delivery, return, cleaning/disinfecting and storage of perioperative equipment housed in the anesthesia/OR biomedical equipment room. Anesthesia/OR biomedical technicians handle repairs and maintenance of equipment in the Perioperative areas. These areas include the main OR, adult day surgery and Batson Children's Hospital OR.

    The supervisor is Darron Morris.

    • Phone: (601) 815-6340
    • Fax: (601) 815-3057