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  • About Us

    The Clinical Engineering Department attains goals to ensure that all equipment used in clinical and non-clinical areas are safe for patients and employees. We provide comprehensive equipment maintenance, repairs and management services at the lowest possible cost. To obtain these goals, we strive to:

    • Have adequately trained staff
    • Expand levels in-house quality and expenses
    • Attend necessary training and service schools
    • Expand in-house, in-service training
    • Expand our department database for equipment and vendor that includes equipment history, life expectancy of equipment, vendor support, equipment repairs, obsolescence and prospective time of replacement and cost tracking
    • Improve relationships throughout UMMC with various departments, including:
      • Administration
      • Materials Management
      • Nursing and Allied Health
      • Information Systems
      • Accounting/Purchasing
      • Research Departments
      • Physicians
      • Ancillary Departments