Campus Police

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  • Crime Alerts

    Recent armed robbery

    This crime alert is to inform you of a recent armed robbery of a local business which occurred Jan. 15, 2015, near the University Medical Center. This crime occurred at the Cefco convenience store, located at the corner of Lakeland Drive and Old Canton Road, where a gunman entered the store and displayed a weapon and then fled to a waiting vehicle.

    Preventive tips

    Park carefully  

    • Park in well-lit areas and never leave your keys in your car.
    • Park where your car will be viewed easily and frequently.
    • If sitting in your vehicle to warm up, lock your doors.
    • If approached by a suspicious person, walk or drive away and find a police officer and report the incident immediately.

    Be on the lookout  

    Be on the lookout for suspicious people or vehicles loitering around lots or garages, or secluded areas, but do not make contact. Call Campus Police at (601) 815-7777 if using a cellular phone or dial 911 if using a UMMC phone if you witness a burglary.