Children's Miracle Network

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  • Children's Miracle Network

    cmn_logo_000.jpgChildren's Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children's hospitals.

    Each year the 170 Children's Miracle Network hospitals provide the finest medical care, life-saving research and preventative education to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries of every kind.

    Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Children's Miracle Network has grown dramatically since its founding in 1983, from a televised fundraiser in a small studio to one of the world's leading children's charities helping 17 million kids each year.

    The 170 Children's Miracle Network hospitals are there 24 hours a day to help kids of every age and background overcome every imaginable disease and injury-from asthma and broken bones to cancer, heart defects, pediatric AIDS, muscular dystrophy and serious injuries. These children's hospitals are also on the front lines of preventing disease and injury through research, education and outreach programs that keep millions of kids out of the hospital each year.

    Thousands of special events and grassroots fund raisers are conducted year-round through a coalition of premier children's hospitals, media partners and corporate volunteers working together to ensure healthy kids in their communities.

    In addition to the Mississippi Miracles Radiothon held each spring, corporate sponsors sell Miracle Balloons, and college students hold dance marathons -  just a few of the programs generating millions of dollars each year to provide the life-saving care and crucial services kids need.

    And the need is truly great. This year alone Children's Miracle Network hospitals will provide charity care worth billions, yet these children's hospitals depend on community support to help fund their vital services.

    Through its year-round efforts to help kids, Children's Miracle Network has raised more than $3 billion to date, most of which is donated a dollar or two at a time by caring individuals across North America.

    As a member-hospital of Children's Miracle Network, Batson Children's Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center works closely with our partners to raise money to help sick children.

    Batson Children's Hospital continues to benefit from the hard work and dedication of its sponsors. Among the largest contributors to Batson Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network are Walmart, the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Sam's Club, Dairy Queen, RE/MAX, Log-a-Load for Kids, McLane Co., Credit Unions for Kids, Phi Mu and Marriott.

    Children's Miracle Network's guiding principle is that 100 percent of the funds raised stay in the local community to benefit local children.

    To learn more, go to You can also e-mail the Children's Miracle Network coordinator or call UMMC's Public Affairs at (601) 984-1100.