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CenterView: November 10, 2014

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Artwork turns Medical Center into gallery of healing

There are soaring spirits, and heroes more down-to-earth. Teddy bears, and a singer who just wanted to be one. Physicians, farmers and fishermen. People who shared their lives, and people who saved them.

Pictures of health: Artwork on UMMC campus

Art-loving donors and fund-raisers have been good to the Medical Center. Hundreds of works, including paintings, sculpture, stained glass panels, artisan furniture and more are displayed across campus – much of it created by Mississippi artists. Visually appealing, the creations can ignite the imagination and spirits of patients, families and employees otherwise absorbed by somber events.

For April Mann, new alumni director, UMMC feels more like home

For April Mann, UMMC holds an emotional, as well as a professional, pull. In her new position directing the Office of Alumni Affairs, the Birmingham native is living closer to family and friends, while serving the people she has cared most about in her career: students, past and present.

New 'ears' for hearing-impaired son give Brandon family a jump-start

Reece Weir was born severely jaundiced and covered in little purple spots. His parents were shaken, but bigger problems lie ahead. The common virus that caused those symptoms also permanently damaged Reece’s hearing. Read on to see how this family battled back from this shocking diagnosis and are moving forward toward a normal life with Reece’s new 'ears.'

2014 Volunteers of the Year put focus on UMMC patients, families

Mississippi State University sophomore Sam Sprow could have enjoyed the lazy summer break instead of spending his free time with UMMC patients and visitors. After 40 years in the business world, Willie Brown could have spent his retirement anywhere else than at a desk in the pediatrics ICU.

Under new management: University Physicians

UMMC strives to deliver not just the best patient care, but the best patient experience. Changes in the management structure of University Physicians will give providers a bigger voice in creating a climate of communication, collaboration and integration of care throughout the Medical Center. And, the changes will help both administrators and physicians pursue parallel goals that keep not just health care, but research and education in the forefront.

AO North America names UMMC orthopedist president-elect

Dr. Robert A. McGuire Jr., M. Beckett Howorth Professor and Chair of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, associate professor of neurosurgery and director of the Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program, has been elected president-elect of AO North America by the organization’s Board of Directors.

Zippity donation makes for wonderful day at Batson

The Fondren Renaissance Foundation recently hosted a press conference in the Batson Children’s Hospital lobby to present proceeds from its 2014 Zippity Doo Dah Weekend event to Friends of Children’s Hospital.