Master of Health Informatics and Information Management

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  • Curriculum


    Health Informatics Track

    First Year 
    Fall Semester  Hours  
    HI 630 Health Information Systems3
    HI 601 Medical Concepts or HI 609 Information Technology & Applications 3
    Total 6
    Spring SemesterHours
    HI 619 Health Information and Computer Science3
    HI 631 Health Informatics3
    Summer SemesterHours
    HI 606 Management of Health Information Services and Systems3
    HI 634 Development of Electronic Health Information Systems    3
    Total    6
    Second Year  
    Fall Semester Hours
    HI 614 Privacy and Security for Health Informatics3
    HI 611 Research Design and Statistics in Health Informatics3
    Spring SemesterHours
    HI 632 Database & Knowledge Management3
    HI 617 Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics3
    Total 6
    Summer Semester  Hours
    HI 638 Clinical Vocabularies & Classification Systems3
    HI 699 Capstone in Health Informatics & Information Management 3
    Total Credit Hours for Degree36




    Health Information Management Track

    First Year 
     Fall Semester        Hours
    HI 600 Health Information Management               3
    HI 601 Medical Concepts              3
    Total              6
    Spring Semester         Hours
    HI 609 Information Technology & Applications              3
    HI 630 Health Information Systems              3
    Total              6
    Summer Semester         Hours
    HI 606 Management of Health Information Services and Systems              3
    HI 634 Development of Electronic Health Information Systems              3
    Second Year 
    Fall Semester         Hours
    HI 610 Topics in Privacy, Security, Legal Aspects of Health Info              3
    HI 611 Research Design and Statistics in Health Informatics              3
    Total              6 
    Spring Semester        Hours
    HI 632 Database & Knowledge Management                  3
    HI 613 Health Care Performance Improvement Strategies              3
    Total              6
    Summer Semester        Hours
    HI 615 Health Care Reimbursement and Financial Management              3
    HI 699 Capstone in Health Informatics & Information Management              3
    Total               6
    Total Credit Hours for Degree             36


    **** Should a student desire to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) national exam, the student would need to pursue the Health Information Management track and add the following electives:

    Health Information Management RHIA  Eligibility Additional Courses
    CourseSemester Hours
    HI 621 Clinical Classification Systems I1
    HI 622 Clinical Classification Systems II1
    HI 623 Clinical Classification Systems III 1
    HI 624 Clinical Classification Systems IV1
    HI 681/2 Professional Practice Mgt Experience I & II   2