Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce

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  • Mission, Vision and Goals

    Office of  Mississippi Physician Workforce incorporates the following into its program: 


    • To develop strategies that attract, educate and sustain a well-trained and appropriately distributed physician workforce in Mississippi, so as to ensure health care access for ALL Mississippians.


    • Through emphasis on a strong and expanded primary care foundation, ALL Mississippians shall have access to timely and appropriate health care.


    • Research

      • To establish workforce projections for the number, type and location of the needed physicians to adequately care for all Mississippians.
      • To establish best practices to attract and recruit adequate students into the targeted medical specialties, with a special focus on primary care specialties.
      • To establish recommendations on type, number and locations of needed training sites and programs.
      • To establish best practices for recruitment and retention of an appropriate and adequate physician workforce to supply targeted and/or underserved areas.
      • To establish best practices in use and/or advancement of technology to maximize. physician workforce capabilities.
      • To establish best practices to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of existing physician workforce.
    • Advocacy
      • Provide the Governor and the Legislature with a comprehensive blue print of the current status of the Mississippi physician workforce to include timely updates.
      • Provide the Governor and the Legislature with recommendations and potential corrective action plans.
      • Identify additional state, regional and national stakeholders: groups, organizations, agencies and communities and develop partnerships for support and assistance.
      • Identify potential foundations and/or philanthropic organizations to establish partnerships with to strengthen and expand the physician workforce.
    • Training

      • Development of strategies to identify, encourage and support establishment of new primary care training sites.

      • Development of strategies to support, strengthen and/or expand existing training programs.

      • Development of strategies and training programs for targeted areas and communities to enhance recruitment opportunities in order to expand or strengthen the local physician workforce.

      • Development of a training manual for potential new training site personnel for their use in preparing an application for the consideration of establishment of a potential training site application.

      • Development or identification of existing programs by working with state boards of medical licensure to establish training programs for career movement of physicians to especially primary care practice environments.
    •  Career placement
      • Development strategies and resources to assist with recruitment, placement and retention.
      • Development of strategies to recruit and assist career moves of physicians, especially to primary care
    • Resource center
      • Establishment of a resource center and data bank of information in order to support and assist all stakeholders in matters such as recruitment, funds, programs, grants, etc. that would in their endeavors to expand or strengthen their physician workforce and/or access to health care.
    • Marketing
      • Development of strategies aligned with identified stakeholders for marketing physician opportunities based on the identified need of their organization, community or area.
      • Development of networking opportunities with stakeholders from multiple venues, communities, organizations and government.
    • Funding
      • Explore, plan and secure funding sources to accomplish the goals set by this office.
      • Work with county, state and federal to secure funding sources.
      • Work to secure funding to encourage entry into medicine with an emphasis on primary care specialties.
      • Work to secure funding to encourage placement and retention in underserved areas.
      • Work to secure funding to identify, initiate and support new training sites and/or programs.
      • Work to secure funding for support of existing programs.