• The MIND Center

    The MIND Center

    Our Advisory Board



    The Hon. John N. Palmer

      Honorary Chairs  The Hon. William Winter 

    Dr. Robert C. Khayat 


    Patricia McClure
    Suzan Thames
    Ann Calhoon

     Our Board

    William Bynum
    John and Lee Corlew
    Clay Davidson
    Mary Preston Dubberly
    Dr. Kathy Travis Gregg
    Anne Keenan 
    Dr. Mart McMullan
    David Nutt
    Dr. Charles O'Mara
    Dr. George Patton
    Carol Puckett
    Elee Reeves
    Stephanie Rippee
    Charlie Ross
    Beth Magee Smith
    The Hon. James C. Sumner
    Ken Toler Sr.
    The Hon. Cindy Wilson

     Ex-Officio Members       Dr. Thomas Mosley
    Dr. Richard deShazo
    Dr. Mark Meeks 
    Denise Lafferty