Curriculum Development and Management

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  • Curriculum Committee Composition

    The Curriculum Committee is composed primarily of faculty members, but also includes student members and administration from other institutional offices. Faculty members are carefully chosen by the vice chancellor/dean, and, despite being from diverse disciplines, work cohesively to provide unified, centralized oversight of the curriculum. Student members are elected by classmates annually. The president of the honorary student-led Carl G. Evers, MD, Society is also a member. The associate dean for academic affairs serves as chair of the committee.

     There are several standing subcommittees of the Curriculum Committee:

    • Clinical Course Directors
    • Development
    • Evaluation¬†¬†
    • Preclinical Course Directors
    • Professionalism
    • Public Health

    The chairs of each of the subcommittees form the Curriculum Steering Committee, which maintains oversight of the Curriculum Committee. This group meets twice monthly and provides coordination for Curriculum Committee actions.