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  • Cardiac Imaging Procedural Volume

    Why we measure it

    Our cardiac imaging team is composed of physicians, technologists, nurses, and support staff who have continual medical training to provide excellent service; this ongoing education is the basis for high quality healthcare in Mississippi. Additionally, it is well known that the more experience a clinician or hospital has caring for patients with high risk conditions or difficult diagnoses; the more likely patient care will be provided appropriately and without error. Evidence consistently shows that such high-volume providers deliver superior quality of care to patients, as reflected in patients’ lower mortality rates following complex procedures.

     Procedure CPT Code201120122013
    MR Cardiac without Contrast 755579918
     MR Cardiac with Contrast  75561168159141
    MR Congenital Heart75561 2666
     MR Cardiac with Stress Imaging75563243645
    Total MRI  201230270
    CT Calcium Scoring75571707285
     CTA Congenital Heart 7557317815798
     CTA Cardiac75574142145157
    Total CT 390374340