Mood and Suicide Laboratory

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  • Lab Members


    Psychology interns

    • Rachel Jones (Washington State University)

    Lab employees

    Research coordinators

    • Milton Dawkins, MS
    • Shea Golding, MS
    • Louren Reed, MS, MEd

    Research assistants

    • Swadeep Patel
    • Jade Shaffer, MS
    • Anna Claire Thaggard

    Research volunteers

    • Jenny Greer (Milsaps University)
    • Jalessa Perez (Milsaps University)
    • Mitchel Keaton (Milsaps University)

    Past psychology interns

    • Cassie Glenn, PhD - Postdoctoral fellowship focusing on suicidal behaviors in adolescents at Harvard University under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Nock.
    • Andrew Littlefield, PhD - Assistant professor at Texas Tech University; research focus: developmental changes in alcohol involvement
    • AJ Rosellini, PhD -¬†Postdoctoral fellow focusing on suicide in the military at Harvard Medical School under the supervision of Dr. Ronald Kessler