Research Council

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  • Research Council

    To promote the integration and coordination of departmental efforts in support of research.

    The Research Council is chaired by Gailen Marshall, MD, PhD, Vice Chair for Research, and is comprised of an executive committee and four subcommittees. The Council will propose policy on a broad range of topics relevant to research.

    The executive committee meets once monthly and the full Council (executive committee and the subcommittee members) meets quarterly.

    The subcommittees represent the major biomedical research areas:

    • Basic Science - Rajesh Bhagat, chair
    • Population - Vikas Majithia, chair
    • Translational - Gailen Marshall, interim chair
    • Clinical - Debbie Minor, chair

    The Council’s executive committee members include the four subcommittee chairs and Michael Griswold (Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics); David Deardorff (Division of Geriatrics); and Anne Martin, Marsha Manuel and Janice Swinton, support researchers through the departmental Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS).

    Subcommittee members include:

    Clinical ScienceTranslational
    • Mary Jane Burton
    • Barbara Craft
    • Christian Koch
    • Leandro Mena
    • Jimmy Stewart
    • Douglas Wolfe
    • Al Dreisbach
    • Debbie Konkle-Parker
    • Solomon Musani
    • Shou Tang
    • M.I. Ullah
    • Ervin Fox
    Basic SciencePopulation
    • Luis Junos
    • Jose Subauste
    • Donna Sullivan
    • Ed Swiatlo
    • Lianbin Xiang
    • Arti Barnes
    • Ken Butler
    • Michael Griswold
    • Gwen Windham
    • Dannette Johnson
    At Large
    • Jiankang Liu