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  • M2 (Second-Year) Curriculum

    Several unique opportunities are offered by the Department of Family Medicine during a medical student's second year of study at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. They include:

    Pre-clinical skills workshop/day camp

    For those students who would like a short clinical exposure, we will have an opportunity for hands-on experience in a three- to four-day workshop in late May or early June that presents techniques for communication with patients, clinical exam skills and limited procedures.

    The department has about 25 positions open for the summer. There is no stipend for these positions.

    More than 125 preceptors participate in our program statewide by offering their time and talent on a voluntary basis. Students can choose to work with their hometown family physician if he/she happens to be one of our preceptors for two weeks of shadowing and to practice some of their newly learned skills. Applications begin in March.

    Research assistantship (RA)

    A research assignment during the summer after the M1 year is available for two to four students for 8-10 weeks. Students who pursue research will work within the department for an eight-week period, where they will learn primary care design and implementation. They will also gain clinical hands-on experience. The finished research could possibly provide them with opportunities for presentations and publication.

    Students are selected to fill the available slots based on interviews, letters of recommendation, and interest in family medicine as a career. They can expect to receive a stipend. Applications begin in March.

    Orientation week takes place in the first week of June and will include the day camp as well as introduction to research.

    Introduction to clinical medicine (ICM)

    Family Medicine faculty and residents work as preceptors for M2 students during the second year as they practice and develop history taking and physical exam skills. These assignments are made by the ICM course director.

    Family Medicine leads small-group demonstrations of physical examinations for female breast and GU, male GU, abdomen and musculoskeletal exams and venipuncture procedures.