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  • Family Medicine Interest Group

    Our student FMIG meets for lunch on the first Wednesday of each month and is usually sponsored by community hospitals, local family physicians, and others who are interested in encouraging students to pursue a career in Family Medicine.  By providing lunch for FMIG meetings, these kind donations make it possible for students to interact with the representatives from the various sponsors, thus exposing them to opportunities in Family Medicine that are different from those found in an academic institution.

    On the second Wednesday of each month, FMIG officers meet to conduct the business of the chapter. Topics of discussion often include potential speakers and sponsors for monthly lunch meetings, service project ideas, clinical skills workshops and planning for the annual recruitment fair and banquet.    

    In addition to being one of our lunch meeting sponsors, the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians also sponsors a booth at the annual residency fair.  A huge asset to our recruiting efforts, the MAFP pays the AAFP membership dues for each student who joins FMIG.  Officers also participate in the annual MAFP meeting in Destin, FL.

    Our interest group has repeatedly won the Program of Excellence Award from the AAFP and has been involved in a plethora of community service activities, including the Jackson Free Clinic and the Ronald McDonald House.  FMIG uses money generated by fundraising efforts to send students to various conferences and to support philanthropic efforts. 

    2014-2015 Officers

    President --- Emily Brandon, M4 

    Vice President --- Susan Frichter, M3

    Treasurer - Lizzy Sherard, M3

    Secretary --- Carolita Heritage, M4

    Clinical Skills Coordinator --- Hannah Barrett, M2

    Lunch Coordinator --- Ashley Newsome, M3

    Community Service Coordinator - Megumi Mathis, M2

    Residency Fair Coordinators - Andrew Brown, M3 and Amanda Cooley, M2

    M4 representative - Kristie Alvarez

    M3 representative - Summer Bailey

    M2 Representative - Amanda Cooley

    M1 Representative - TBA

    Public Relations --- Jarrett Morgan, M4