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  • Natalie W. Gaughf, PhD

    gaughf, natalie.jpgAssociate Professor
    Director of UMMC Academic
    Counseling Services
    Phone: (601) 815-4233
    E-mail: nwgaughf1@umc.edu

    Dr. Gaughf is the director of Academic Counseling Services for the University of Mississippi Medical Center, an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and a psychologist.

    She serves as president of the Mississippi Psychological Association and has served in several leadership roles in the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence. Dr. Gaughf’s research and professional interests include academic counseling, professionalism, behavioral health, and tobacco treatment. Dr. Gaughf received a PhD in psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi.

    She completed the doctoral residency program at the VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System and the Health Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Primary Care in the Department of Family Medicine at UMMC.