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  • Research Day 2014
    Research Day 2014

    Research Day Poster Presentation Winners


    Dr. Tsui-Ting Ho (Cancer Institute)
    Dr. Suttira Intapad (Physiology)
    Dr. Susana Salazar Marocho (Biomedical Materials)
    Dr. Frank Spradley (Physiology)
    Dr. Jason Whitt (Cancer Institute)

    Graduate Students

    Laura Blackmon (Microbiology)
    Zunamys Carrero (Biochemistry)
    Xu Hou (Neuroscience)
    Jianguo Huang (Biochemistry)
    Kasi McPherson (Medical Pharmacology)
    Peter Mittwede (Physiology)
    Haley Pipkins (Microbiology)
    Isaiah Tolo (Microbiology)
    Xuexiang Wang (Medical Pharmacology)
    Peyton Weems (Neuroscience)

    2014 Research Day

    The 8th annual School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences' Research Day was held on Friday, October 24, 2014, in the Norman C. Nelson Student Union at UMMC. The all-day event began with an early morning breakfast buffet during poster presentations and ended with Postdoc/Instructor presentations.  During the Distinguished Alumni Luncheon, Dr. David Dzielak received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

    A native of Syracuse, New York, Dr. Dzielak received an AAS degree from the State University of New York at Delhi and a BS degree from Cornell University. Dr. Dzielak received his Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology from the
    University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1982. He did a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Arthur Guyton in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, and in 1984 became a faculty member in that department. In 1986
    Dr. Dzielak moved to Columbus, Ohio, to work for Adria Laboratories where he was a Senior Scientist in charge of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. In 1987 Dr. Dzielak returned to the University of Mississippi Medical Center to
    continue his career in academic medicine. In 1998 Dr. Dzielak was appointed to the position of Executive Director of Research at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. In 2001 he became the Associate Vice Chancellor for
    Research. During this time as Associate Vice Chancellor, federal funding for research at the Medical Center campus quadrupled. In 2005 he assumed the position of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Research Alliances. Dr. Dzielak was instrumental in bringing over $74 million of directed appropriations to the Medical Center to enhance research infrastructure including funding for the newest research building on campus, the Arthur C. Guyton laboratory Research Center.

    In January of 2012 Dr. Dzielak was named Executive Director of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid by Governor Phil Bryant. The Mississippi Division of Medicaid provides healthcare benefits for qualified individuals and last year had an annual budget of $5.35 billion. During his tenure at Medicaid, Dr. Dzielak has overseen the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the most significant healthcare legislation in decades. This legislation required significant changes that affected the eligibility of sixty five percent of Medicaid beneficiaries. As a result, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid has seen enrollment in the program grow by more than 57,000 individuals since January of 2014. Current enrollment is 771,759, a historic high for the state of Mississippi.